A Whole New Year

Junebug Staff

Happy New Year, best beloved. It's a whole new year out there, full of new possibilities and new dreams. Of course, we can't expect anything to change without putting in the work and making ourselves heard. We spent the last few months of 2017 fundraising for Gender Justice League and Trans Lifeline. We intend to continue doing so throughout 2018. We'll also, through the course of a year, make a donation to Planned Parenthood for every item we sell. We can't simply hope 2018 will be better than the years preceding it. We have a responsibility to make it so. We're...

September is upon us!

Junebug Staff

Tags 9-17, update

Hello again, best beloved! We've got a few updates for you today. Our first donation to Gender Justice League, after our August fundraiser, should be deposited tomorrow. Thank you so much for your support! In September, we're going to be raising money for Trans Lifeline. All proceeds from our Little Dreams collection will be donated, and we'll also make a donation for every other product sold. Whether you buy from us or not, we strongly encourage you to help out Trans Lifeline however you can. September also sees the long-planned launch of our collection of Perfume Oils! We've been working...

A word from Junebug.

Junebug Staff

Trans rights are under attack. Hello, best beloved. Today, we need your attention for just a moment. We thought long and hard about this - as a fledgling company with less than a year behind us and a lot of rocky territory still ahead, it would be easy, and practical, to just keep plugging along. It isn't us, though. Our company's members are queer and trans and gender-nonconforming, Salish and Latinx, ace and poly. The people we know and love are diverse and wonderful. Silence and inaction are complicity. Through the month of August, we will make a donation to...