A word from Junebug.

Junebug Staff

Trans rights are under attack.

Hello, best beloved. Today, we need your attention for just a moment. We thought long and hard about this - as a fledgling company with less than a year behind us and a lot of rocky territory still ahead, it would be easy, and practical, to just keep plugging along.

It isn't us, though. Our company's members are queer and trans and gender-nonconforming, Salish and Latinx, ace and poly. The people we know and love are diverse and wonderful. Silence and inaction are complicity.

Through the month of August, we will make a donation to the Gender Justice League for every item sold. In the near-term, we will be launching a collection of soaps and lotions from which all proceeds after cost, in perpetuity, will be donated to the Gender Justice League and Trans Lifeline.
Whether you make a purchase or not, we strongly encourage you to donate money or time, whatever you can, to these and other organizations. Stand up for your trans, queer, and gender-nonconforming friends, Romans, and countrypeople.
♥ Junebug&Co