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Coffee Shop Collection - Espresso Bar Soaps

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Honestly, it's in the title. A whole collection of soaps, sniffs, and lotions that smell like coffee, and are made with coffee, so you can put caffeine in your body as well as on your skin. <3 

  • (200) Sunshine. Espresso, summer fruit, sweet cream.
  • (201) Blackout. Espresso, dark chocolate, tannin, a touch of spice.
  • (202) Rosebud. Espresso, Damask rose, cane sugar, scalded milk.
  • (203) Violetta. Espresso, French lavender, black amber, honey.
  • (204) Dalliance. Espresso, black tea, sweet cream, clove bud, cinnamon, black cardamom.
  • (205) Valenciana. Espresso, scalded milk, orange blossom, honey, black pepper.

Soaps presented as 4oz solid bars, approximately 1”x3”x3”.

Our espresso bar soaps are made with oils of coconut (cocos nucifera), olive (olea europaea), and avocado (persea gratissima), water, espresso grounds (coffea arabica), sodium hydroxide, kaolin clay, fragrance

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