Perfume Oils

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Perfume Oils

Junebug&Co's elegant, effervescent, and salubrious perfume oils are just the thing you need to smell like distilled joy. Presented in 5ml amber glass apothecary vials.

  • (301) The Grey Lady. Black tea, bergamot orange, Hungarian lavender, cane sugar.
  • (204) Foxtale Charm. Bittersweet chocolate and sweet mint, spruce, night-flowering jasmine, bitters.
  • (203) Withershins. Roasted pumpkin, buttered rum, wood smoke. 
  • (202) Night Milk. Burnt sugar, sandalwood, patchouli, grapfruit, bay laurel, catnip.
  • (206) Terpsichore. English rose, ylang ylang, fir needles, bee balm.
  • (201) Drowned In Moonlight. Vanilla, spiced rum, scalded milk, a little space magic.
  • (101) Seattle Sunshine. Espresso, summer fruit, cream.
  • (102) Portland Petrichor. Patchouli and Hungarian lavender, lemon, bitter orange.