April 2019: Nova Noir

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April 2019: Nova Noir

Our monthly imprint for April, 2019, Nova Noir is spicy, sensuous, salacious, with just a touch of mystery. Named for a fictional character who was, herself, named for a fictional perfume, Nova Noir is the inside joke you might not get, but can still wear! <3

Available in perfume oils, liquid soaps, facial balms, and bath salts through April, or while supplies last.

  • (407) Nova Noir. Camphor laurel, vanilla, black amber, clove, cinnamon, tobacco, peppercorn,  sandalwood.

Perfume oils presented in 5ml amber glass apothecary phials, liquid soaps presented in 8oz amber plastic PET bottles, facial balms and bath salts presented in 4oz amber PET plastic jars.

Our liquid soaps are made with oils of coconut (cocos nucifera), olive (olea europaea), and avocado (persea gratissima), water, potassium hydroxide, vegetable glycerin, fragrance.

Our facial balms are made with water, hazelnut oil (corylus americana), sweet almond oil (prunus amygdalus dulcus), jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis), shea butter (butyrospermum parkii), kukui nut oil (aleurites molucanna), extract of chamomile (chamomilla rectita), propylene glycol, fragrance.

Our bath salts are made with epsom salt (magnesium sulfate), Dead Sea salt, sodium bicarbonate, shea butter (vitellaria paradoxa), tea*, fragrance.