Dog Days Collection - Perfumes

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Dog Days Collection - Perfumes

The Dog Days are only just beginning (with apologies to Florence), and there are enough left for every dog to have their day. With a bounty of light and complex summer fragrances, you can sleep in the tall grass from now until the Autumnal Equinox in style and comfort. Or just bask in the sun, if you prefer. Available in perfume oils, lotions, soaps, and bath salts.

The Dog Days Collection includes the following fragrances:

  • (307) Golden Hour. Cypress, eucalyptus, tea tree, whiskey, mango.
  • (317) September. Petrichor, black tea, sparkling cider, sea foam, spice.
  • (318) Amelia. Cut grass, clover, wildflowers, basil, linen.
  • (320) Firewater. Sea salt, raw sugar, cured oak, sandalwood.
  • (410) Mallaidh. Bee orchid, tuberose, apricot, balsam, neroli, bergamot, shea, French lavender.
  • (411) Somewhere. Tobacco, bay laurel, cedar, chamomile, cherry blossom, spice.

Perfumes presented in 5ml amber glass apothecary phials and 1ml clear glass sample phials.

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