Perfume Oils

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Perfume Oils

Junebug&Co's elegant, effervescent, and salubrious perfume oils are just the thing you need to smell like distilled joy. Presented in 5ml amber glass apothecary vials.

  • Sweet, creamy, homey, and boozy, with a breath of spice and a whiff of evergreen, Mari Lwyd is just the scent you need for a long night of wassailing and a long day of sleeping it off.
  • The night is dark, and the way is long, but our Foxtale Charm will see you through. Bittersweet on the nose, crisp and astringent on the tail, with notes of chocolate, mint, spruce, jasmine, and bitters.
  • We don't know what a pomander is even for, but our Mystic Pomander is the spicy, citrusy, sharp-and-sweet fragrance of late Autumn you've been waiting for. A blend of sweet orange, clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
  • The leftward road can lead to places not of our Earth, and our Withershins can guide you there - a rich and sumptuous blend of roasted pumpkin, warm buttered rum, and subtle wood smoke.
  • Bright, citron, sharp, and smoky, Night Milk is an elegant and intriguing blend mixing notes of patchouli, grapefruit, burnt sugar, sandalwood, bay, and catnip - ideal for long winter nights and masquerade balls.
  • With its mellow, sonorous aroma of sensuous vanilla and sweet oaked rum, Drowned In Moonlight will deliver you to a better world, where your wildest dreams come true, and your august personage smells exceptionally good.

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