Saints and Sorrows Perfume Collection

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Saints and Sorrows Perfume Collection

Saints and Sorrows collects five tantalizing and otherworldly fragrances together, to recall the old ways and the strange things that rest at the very edges of our perception, never gone and never truly forgotten. Presented in 5ml amber glass apothecary vials.

  • (203) Withershins. Pumpkin, brown sugar, cream, smoke, spice.
  • (321) Caoimhe. Vanilla, oud, oak, water lily, ylang-ylang.
  • (322) Annwn. Birch, amber, oud, petrichor, sea spray, dark ale.
  • (323) Pwca. Tart cherry, grains of paradise, vanilla bean, orange blossom, vetiver.
  • (324) yr Wyll. Frankincense, sea salt, burnt chocolate, cut holly.

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