The Full Junebug Perfume Collection

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The Full Junebug Perfume Collection

The Full Junebug collects eight of our most enduring and beloved fragrances in one delectable collection, sure to tantalize and tease your sniff receptors for years to come. Available in 5ml amber glass apothecary bottles or 1.5ml amber glass sample vials.

The Full Junebug Collection includes the following fragrances:

  • (303) Salt Rose. Bergamot orange, grapefruit, ramanas, amber, sandalwood.
  • (302) Ysgarlad. Red tea, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, wood smoke.
  • (301) The Grey Lady. Black tea, bergamot orange, Hungarian lavender, cane sugar.
  • (204) Foxtale Charm. Bittersweet chocolate and sweet mint, spruce, night-flowering jasmine, bitters.
  • (203) Withershins. Roasted pumpkin, buttered rum, wood smoke. 
  • (202) Night Milk. Burnt sugar, sandalwood, patchouli, grapfruit, bay laurel, catnip.
  • (206) Terpsichore. English rose, ylang ylang, fir needles, bee balm.
  • (201) Drowned In Moonlight. Vanilla, spiced rum, scalded milk, a little space magic.

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